EPALLOY 8280 is an epoxidized phenol novolac resin with an average functionality of 2.8. It is a non-crystallizing resin that is compatible with all standard curing agents and most all other epoxy-functional resins and modifiers.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Fn 2.8
Appearance Clear, Clean
Visc. @ 52C, cps 1,100-1,700
EEW, g/eq 172-179
Gardner Color, Max 2
Residual Epichlorohydrin, max ppm 10
Hydrolyzable Chloride, Max % 0.15
Weight per Gallon, @25C lbs. 100.1
Flash Point,COC,C (F) >200 (>392)
Application Group Application Description  
Adhesives Adhesives Good elevated temperature performance in structural general purpose Industrial Adhesives.
Composites Filament Wound Pipe Used in chemical resistant pipe.
Paints & Coatings Industrial Coatings Excellent chemical resistance in Industrial Coatings.
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