Hypro® Polybutadiene Polyols

Hypro 2800X95 HTB features hydrophobicity, low glass-transition temperature, electrical resistivity, compatibility with fillers and extenders, and hydroxyl functionality for reaction in polyurethane systems or as chemical intermediates. This is lower viscosity than the other Hypro polymers.  It is the industry standard polymer for polyurethane potting compounds and for the inclusion of polybutadiene properties into thermoset formulations.

Hypro HTPB-45M Polymer is a very consistent hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) resin specifically designed for demanding propulsion applications. The polymer has an average functionality of about 2.2 hydroxyl groups per molecule, a backbone microstructure of approximately  20% Cis-1,4, 20% Vinyl-1,2 and 60% Trans-1,4 and a relatively low molecular weight.  Due to this configuration, polyurethane solid rocket propellant binders based on the HTPB-45M polymer have better stress-strain properties (higher elongation) and better low temperature properties than similar butadiene homopolymers with higher hydroxyl group functionality. 

As a result, the Hypro HTPB-45M Polymer provides  the space and defense community the opportunity to develop binders for propulsion and combustion applications with superior and uniform end product mechanical properties for existing or new program requirements.                         


Product Description Hydroxyl Value, meq/g Polymer Functionality Viscosity OH Value, meq/g Water Content, Wt., % MSDS/TDS Order Sample
Hypro® 2800X95 HTB Polybutadiene polyol with 2.5 functionality. 0.78-0.88 2.5 @ 30C, cps - 4,500-5,500     Navigate Order Sample
Hypro® HTPB-45M Polymer Hypro HTPB-45M Polymer is a specialty polyol designed to give superior performance in solid rocket binder applications.     Ps @30 C - 45 0.75 < 0.05 Navigate  

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