Miscellaneous Curing Agents

Product Description MP,C Use Level PHR Gardner Color, max MSDS/TDS Order Sample
OMICURE® 24EMI Accelerator for anhydrides and catalyst for high temperature epoxies. Faster reactivity vs. BDMA or tertiary amine substituted phenols.   0.1 - 10 16 Navigate Order Sample
OMICURE® 33-DDS Aromatic Amine/Curing Agent 162-177 36 - Navigate Order Sample
OMICURE® BC120 Can be used as sole curing agent or as accelerator for Anhydrides, Dicyandiamide or Aromatic Amines. Clear, compatible formulations. Very long room temperature shelf life. 25-35 0.1 - 10   Navigate Order Sample

Use Level PHR
Use Level PHR. Low levels to accelerate acid anhydrides, mid-range or higher levels as sole curing agent. Determine optimum concentration emprically.

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