Mono-Epoxy Functional - Glycidyl Ethers/Aromatic

ERISYS™ GE Series glycidyl ether monomers and modifiers are low molecular weight epoxy functional products based on alcohols, glycols and phenols.  The product line covers a broad range of TSCA approved monomers from mono-epoxy functional to multi-epoxy functional materials.

Product Description Gardner Color, Max Viscosity @ 25 C, cps EEW, g/eq MSDS/TDS Order Sample
ERISYS® GE-11 P-tertiary Butyl Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Modifier for Bisphenol A resins to eliminate crystallization. Good electrical properties. Easier to handle. 1 20-30 215-240 Navigate Order Sample
ERISYS® GE-10 O-Cresyl Glycidyl Ether. Viscosity modifier for construction, flooring and casting. Excellent moisture tolerance. 1 5-10 170-195 Navigate Order Sample
ERISYS®GE-13 Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Lowest viscosity aromatic modifier. Excellent for electrical applications and for preparing resin/curing agent adducts. 2 4-7 150-165 Navigate Order Sample

EEW, g/eq
Epoxide Equivalent Weight, g/eq

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