Multifunctional & Faster Cure

Improved chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed and UV stability are just a few of the performance advantages with Epalloy specialty epoxy resins and blends over other standard resins.

Low HCC Bis-F and novolac products are available for some materials below as made to order products.

Product Description Gardner Color, max Viscosity, cps @52 C Avg. Epoxy Functionality EEW, g/eq Viscosity, cps @72 C HCC, max % MSDS/TDS Order Sample
EPALLOY® 7200 Modified BPA epoxys to provide for faster cure for all temperatures. Eliminates blushing in slower curing epoxies. Excellent for coatings. 2 2,000-4,000   195-215   0.5 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 9000 High functionality, low melt viscosity resin for high temperature applications and Tg modification of other epoxy resins. 2   3.0 160-180 5,500-6,500 0.4 Navigate Order Sample

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