OMICURE® Dicyandiamide

Product Description Onset Melting Point (C) Typical Flow Control Content, % Mean Particle Size MSDS/TDS Order Sample
OMICURE® DDA 10 Fine particle size with good dispersability, reactivity and uniform cure. 207-212 1.5 to 2.5 12 Navigate Order Sample
OMICURE® DDA 100 Coarse, unground grade of Dicyandiamide for those applications where particle size is not an issue. Contains no flow control agent. 207-212 0 Coarse Grade Navigate Order Sample
OMICURE® DDA 5 Ultra-Fine particle size Dicyandiamide for the most critical applications. Provides for excellent dispersability, maximum reactivity, uniform cure, and low settling potential. 207-212 2 to 3 4 Navigate Order Sample
OMICURE® DDA 50 Intermediate particle size product provides for Cost effective, stable, one part systems for elevated temperature cure application. 207-212 1.5 to 2.5 20 Navigate Order Sample

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