Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins

Improved chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed and UV stability are just a few of the performance advantages with EPALLOY® Specialty Epoxy Resins and blends over other standard resins. These products bring the critical difference to high performance coatings, composites and adhesives applications.

Product Description Fn Visc. @ 25C, cps Visc. @ 52C, cps Visc. @ 72C, cps EEW, g/eq MSDS/TDS Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8220 Lowest viscosity Bis F resin. Near monomeric product for blends to prevent crystallization in Bis A resins. 2.05 1,800-2,800     164-176 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8230 Standard low viscosity non-crystallizing resin for excellent 100% solids coatings and composite applications. 2.15 3,500-4,700     164-176 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8240 Lowest viscosity unmodified epoxy novolac available. For secondary containment tank linings and industrial flooring. 2.35 6,000-7,100     164-176 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8250 Mid-range functionality epoxy novolac. For high temperature, highly corrosive applications. 2.60 18,000-28,000     165-178 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8280 Mid-range functionality for improved Tg and corrosion resistance. 2.8   1,100-1,700   172-179 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8330 Standard epoxy novolac for highest chemical resistance and Tg. 3.6   20,000-30,000   171-183 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8350 Higher viscosity equivalent to 8330. 3.60   30,000-50,000   175-184 Navigate Order Sample
EPALLOY® 8370 Highest functionality epoxy phenol novolac resin. 3.90     15,000-25,000 205-212 Navigate Order Sample

Average Epoxy Functionality
Visc. @ 25C, cps
Viscosity @ 25C, cps
Visc. @ 52C, cps
Viscosity @ 52C, cps
Visc. @ 72C, cps
Viscosity @ 72C, cps
EEW, g/eq
Epoxide Equivalent Weight, g/eq

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