Rubber Applications

Good-Rite® antioxidants/stabilizers and Cure-Rite® accelerators set the standard for superior performance in rubber applications, including natural rubber, SBR, and BR. Good-Rite® antioxidants impart age-resisting properties to finished properties, making them more durable, extending their life, and adding resistance to degradative free radicals formed as a result of heat and light exposure. Cure-Rite® accelerators speed up vulcanization and increase manufacturing efficiency, reducing production cost while assuring the development of desired rubber properties.

Typical applications include tires, treads, conveyor belts, seals, hoses, molded goods, footwear, various mechanicals goods, and rubber latex. Emerald’s advanced aminic and phenolic antioxidants, stabilizers, and accelerators are produced at our two ISO-9001 facilities the United States. Other Emerald® products for rubber applications include Nychem™ latex emulsions for dipping and Masil® silicone polymers for mold release.

Conveyer Belts

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® 18/80 Produces tear & heat resistant vulcanizates in filled belting applications.
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator is synergistic with Cure-rite 18 for superior strength industrial belts.
Good-Rite® 3112 S Non-staining, phenolic antioxidant for filled, non-black rubber.


Product Description  
Nychem™N2000 Nychem™ N2000 is a soft carboxylated medium nitrile latex that can be used as a dip product for supported and unsupported rubber gloves where flexibility is desired e.g. thin disposal gloves
Nychem™N4000M Nychem┐ N4000M is a carboxylated high nitrile latex that can be used as a dip product for supported and unsupported rubber gloves where maximum abrasion and solvent resistance is desired e.g. industrial chemical resistant gloves.


Product Description  
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator enables good stretch and rebound in the production of rubber soles.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Best accelerator choice for the production of rubber soles in athletic footwear.
Good-Rite® 3112 3112 is a liquid non-discoloring antioxidant for white, mineral-filled rubber soles.

Molded Goods

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® BBTS Accelerator, non-nitrosamine type, with excellent scorch prevention for molded rubber articles.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Fast cure accelerator over broad process temperature range for intricately molded and injected rubber.
Good-Rite® 3112 3112 is a liquid antioxidant which provides superior solubility and flow for molded goods

Rubber Goods

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® 18/80 Strong, durable vulcanizates produce long-wearing industrial rubber goods.
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator used in auto, industrial and household rubber goods.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Longer scorch delay affords classic rubber properties to extruded, molded or injected goods.
Good-Rite® 3112 S Highly effective, supported phenolic antioxidant. Scorch-safe, non-staining for filled rubber.

Rubber Parts

Product Description  
Good-Rite® 3181 Aminic antioxidant affords long-term thermal stability and prevents embrittlement in NR, SBR, NBR, CR


Product Description  
Good-Rite® 3112 S Scorch-safe phenolic antioxidant with excellent compatibility in non-black, silica-filled systems.

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