Aroma Chemicals

Emerald Kalama Chemical supplies premier Kalama® flavor and fragrance components to create a wide variety of products in fine fragrances, beauty and personal care, medicines, household care, candles and confectionary applications. Our flavor and fragrance chemicals are of high purity and NF/FCC products are completely chlorine-free.

Product Description CAS No. Flavor/Fragrance MSDS/TDS Order Sample
3-Phenyl Propanol FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 172.515. 122-97-4 Balsamic, spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde An economical choice for perfumers. It blends easily and assists in fixation of the fragrance. 122-40-7 Jasmine, floral, cocoa Navigate Order Sample
Azuril Fragrance ingredient providing long-lasting support to floral, lily, citrus, fresh air and marine types. 68084‑04‑8, 21690‑43‑7 Citrus, ozone, linen Navigate Order Sample
Benzyl Benzoate USP/FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 172.515.High molecular weight and nearly odorless. Widely used perfume fixative. 120-51-4 Nearly odorless Navigate Order Sample
C-10 Aldehyde Important perfumery component also known as decanal. Fatty odor with floral, citrus effects on dilution. Available in FCC grade (GRAS, 21 CFR 182.60) 112-31-2 Citrus, floral Navigate Order Sample
C-11 Aldehyde Widely used to provide an aldehydic character to fragrances, as well as floral notes 112-44-7 Floral, waxy, aldehydic Navigate Order Sample
C-12 Lauric Aldehyde Key linear aldehyde also known as dodecanal. 112-54-9 Citrus, green, floral, aldehydic, soapy, waxy Navigate Order Sample
C-6 Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 172.515. Also known as hexanal or caproaldehyde. 66-25-1 Fruity Navigate Order Sample
C-8 Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 172.515. Also known as octyl aldehyde and caprylaldehyde. 124-13-0 Citrus Navigate Order Sample
C-9 Aldehyde Provides delicate, rose-like notes for floral compositions and citrus/rose oils 124-19-6 Floral, rose Navigate Order Sample
Cinnamic Alcohol FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 172.515. Colorless, crystalline solid,hyacinth-like balsamic aroma.Versatile raw material for numerous derivatives and several pharmaceuticals. Valuable component in perfume compositions. 104-54-1 Spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR 182.60. Versatile raw material for derivatives like cinnamic alcohol, 3-phenylpropanol, cinnamonitrile, and in certain agricultural applications. 104-55-2 Cinnamon, spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Citralis PQ Ingredient used in personal care, cosmetics, and household applications. 55066-49-4 Fresh, rosy-citrus-ozone Navigate Order Sample
Cyprinal Fragrance ingredient with spicy notes that blends well with woody and heavy floral notes such as rose 101-39-3 Warm, spicy, balsamic, floral Navigate Order Sample
Cypriol Sweet, balsamic-floral ingredient with a tenacious oriental odor 1504-55-8 Sweet, balsamic, oriental, almond-spice Navigate Order Sample
Florosol Fragrance ingredient suitable for use in fine fragrance and toiletries, where it enhances white flower notes 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, rose, cyclamen, lilac Navigate Order Sample
Florosol A Fragrance ingredient for fine fragrance/toiletries/household care, where it enhances white flower notes and adds a bright edge 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, floral, green Navigate Order Sample
Florosol S Fragrance ingredient suitable for use in fine fragrance and toiletries, where it enhances white flower notes 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, rose, cyclamen, lilac Navigate Order Sample
Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Close relative of ACA, More floral and less fatty. 101-86-0 Floral, jasmine, lily, green Navigate Order Sample
Laevo-Citronellol Ingredient used in many fine quality rose fragrances for its clean, fresh, rosy top note 7540-51-4 Fresh, light, rosaceous Navigate Order Sample
Lilestralis® Pure Used to impart freshness to floral fragrances such as lily, muguet and rose 80-54-6 Fresh, light, green, floral, lily Navigate Order Sample
Methyl Benzoate FCC Synthetic liquid used as a fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications. 93-58-3 Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic Navigate Order Sample
Ocimene PQ Gives a novel, powerful top note to citrus, lavender, and spicy-herbaceous fragrances 3338-55-4, 138-86-3 Warm, floral, sweet, herbaceous Navigate Order Sample
Osyrol® Recommended for fragrances in which a high quality sandalwood character is required 41890-92-0 Sandalwood Navigate Order Sample
Vetimoss® Earthy ingredient useful in a wide range of fragrance applications 21112-37-8 Outdoor, forest, damp wood, vegetation, potatoes Navigate Order Sample

The main fragrances that this product has - they may be others; please refer to the TDS for the product.

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