Aroma Chemicals

Emerald Kalama Chemical supplies premier Kalama® flavor and fragrance components to create a wide variety of products in fine fragrances, beauty and personal care, medicines, household care, candles and confectionary applications. Our flavor and fragrance chemicals are of high purity and NF/FCC products are completely chlorine-free.

/IMAGES/PRESSRELEASEIMAGES/ORCHID LR.PNGEmerald Kalama Chemical has completed the acquisition of Innospec Widnes Ltd, now Emerald Kalama Chemical Limited, in Widnes, UK. For information about new aroma chemical products, you can view the new product line card or contact our Widnes facility at +44.151.423.8100 or kalama.uk@emeraldmaterials.com.

Product Description CAS No. Flavor/Fragrance MSDS/TDS Order Sample
3-Phenyl Propanol FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515. 122-97-4 Balsamic, spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Amboryl Acetate     Navigate Order Sample
Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde An economical choice for perfumers. It blends easily and assists in fixation of the fragrance. 122-40-7 Jasmine, floral, cocoa Navigate Order Sample
Azuril Fragrance ingredient providing long-lasting support to floral, lily, citrus, fresh air and marine types. 68084‑04‑8, 21690‑43‑7 Citrus, ozone, linen Navigate Order Sample
Benzyl Benzoate USP/FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515.High molecular weight and nearly odorless. Widely used perfume fixative. 120-51-4 Nearly odorless Navigate Order Sample
Bigarade Oxide A middle to top note material providing an interesting twist to a variety of fragrance types 72429-08-4 Woody, herbal, grapefruit Navigate Order Sample
C-10 Aldehyde Important perfumery component also known as decanal. Fatty odor with floral, citrus effects on dilution. Available in FCC grade (GRAS, 21 CFR §182.60) 112-31-2 Citrus, floral Navigate Order Sample
C-11 Aldehyde Widely used to provide an aldehydic character to fragrances, as well as floral notes 112-44-7 Floral, waxy, aldehydic Navigate Order Sample
C-6 Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515. Also known as hexanal or caproaldehyde. 66-25-1 Fruity Navigate Order Sample
C-8 Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515. Also known as octyl aldehyde and caprylaldehyde. 124-13-0 Citrus Navigate Order Sample
C-9 Aldehyde Provides delicate, rose-like notes for floral compositions and citrus/rose oils 124-19-6 Floral, rose Navigate Order Sample
Cinnamic Alcohol FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §172.515. Colorless, crystalline solid,hyacinth-like balsamic aroma.Versatile raw material for numerous derivatives and several pharmaceuticals. Valuable component in perfume compositions. 104-54-1 Spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC GRAS under 21 CFR §182.60. Versatile raw material for derivatives like cinnamic alcohol, 3-phenylpropanol, cinnamonitrile, and in certain agricultural applications. 104-55-2 Cinnamon, spicy, oriental Navigate Order Sample
Citralis PQ Ingredient used in personal care, cosmetics, and household applications. 55066-49-4 Fresh, rosy-citrus-ozone Navigate Order Sample
Cyprinal Fragrance ingredient with spicy notes that blends well with woody and heavy floral notes such as rose 101-39-3 Warm, spicy, balsamic, floral Navigate Order Sample
Cypriol Sweet, balsamic-floral ingredient with a tenacious oriental odor 1504-55-8 Sweet, balsamic, oriental, almond-spice Navigate Order Sample
Florosol Fragrance ingredient suitable for use in fine fragrance and toiletries, where it enhances white flower notes 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, rose, cyclamen, lilac Navigate Order Sample
Florosol A Fragrance ingredient for fine fragrance/toiletries/household care, where it enhances white flower notes and adds a bright edge 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, floral, green Navigate Order Sample
Florosol S Fragrance ingredient suitable for use in fine fragrance and toiletries, where it enhances white flower notes 63500-71-0 Lily of the valley, rose, cyclamen, lilac Navigate Order Sample
Fremycal     Navigate Order Sample
Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Close relative of ACA, More floral and less fatty. 101-86-0 Floral, jasmine, lily, green Navigate Order Sample
Isofreshal Fragrance ingredient that adds impressive lift to floral, citrus, and pine fragrances 68259-31-4 Fatty-green, aldehydic, metallic Navigate Order Sample
Laevo-Citronellol Ingredient used in many fine quality rose fragrances for its clean, fresh, rosy top note 7540-51-4 Fresh, light, rosaceous Navigate Order Sample
Laventerre     Navigate Order Sample
Lilestralis® Pure Used to impart freshness to floral fragrances such as lily, muguet and rose 80-54-6 Fresh, light, green, floral, lily Navigate Order Sample
Methyl Benzoate FCC Synthetic liquid used as a fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications. 93-58-3 Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic Navigate Order Sample
Nopyl Acetate Used in citrus, cologne, fougère, and neroli fragrances for toiletries and household products 128-51-8 Mild, woody, pine, citrus Navigate Order Sample
Ocimene PQ Gives a novel, powerful top note to citrus, lavender, and spicy-herbaceous fragrances 3338-55-4, 138-86-3 Warm, floral, sweet, herbaceous Navigate Order Sample
Osyrol® Recommended for fragrances in which a high quality sandalwood character is required 41890-92-0 Sandalwood Navigate Order Sample
Verdirosa     Navigate Order Sample
Vetimoss® Earthy ingredient useful in a wide range of fragrance applications 21112-37-8 Outdoor, forest, damp wood, vegetation, potatoes Navigate Order Sample

The main fragrances that this product has - they may be others; please refer to the TDS for the product.

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