Benzoic Acid

Kalama® Benzoic acid is the simplest member of the aromatic carboxylic acid family. Produced by the liquid phase air oxidation of toluene, benzoic acid, its salts and esters find application as raw materials for pharmaceutical applications, food, personal care and industrial preservatives and in the manufacture of certain basic industrial chemicals,  resins, alkyd paint, plasticizers, dyestuffs, and fibers.

Several grades and physical forms are produced at our operation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (EU).

Product Description Production Facility Assay MSDS/TDS Order Sample
Purox® B Flakes High chemical purity and low agglomeration tendency.Flakes typically measure between 0.5 and 4.5 mm, free bulk density is around 540 kg/m3. Rotterdam, EU 99.9% min m/m (100% - total organic impurities) Navigate Order Sample
Purox® B Food/Pharma Ultra pure grade of benzoic acid. Effective preservative. Rotterdam, EU 99.98% min. m/m (100% - total organic impurities) Navigate Order Sample
Purox® B Liquid Liquid is supplied around 140C. Rotterdam, EU 99.9% min. w/w (100% - total organic impurities) Navigate Order Sample

Assay (100% total organic impurities), Sepc. Range Assay (Titration) -(100-% of total impurities)

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