Food Applications

Animal Feed

Product Description  
C-10 Aldehyde Additive for animal feed
Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC Additive for animal feed
Kalama® Benzaldehyde FCC Additive for animal feed

Flavor Application

Product Description   Notes
3-Phenyl Propanol FCC Flavoring agent in bakery, candy/gum, ice cream, and gelatin Balsamic, spicy, oriental
Benzyl Benzoate USP/FCC Flavor application in confectioneries and chewing gums Nearly odorless
C-6 Aldehyde FCC Used as the raw material (along with benzaldehyde) for butyl cinnamic aldehyde and in various flavor applications Fruity
C-8 Aldehyde FCC Flavoring agent for baked goods, candy, ice cream, and gelatins Citrus
Cinnamic Alcohol FCC Flavoring agent for bakery, candy/gum, ice cream Cinnamon
Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC Flavoring compounds in bakery goods,chewing gum, candy Cinnamon
Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC Fragrance fixative in confectionaries and chewing gum Faintly aromatic
Kalama® Benzaldehyde - FCC Low B&T Highly refined flavoring agent Almond, cherry
Kalama® Benzaldehyde FCC Flavoring agent used in applications such as soft drinks - also used as a raw material for butyl cinnamic aldehyde Almond, cherry
Methyl Benzoate FCC Flavoring adjuvant/fragrance ingredient for mouthwash Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic


Product Description  
Kalama® Potassium Benzoate Low-sodium preservative for foods and beverages (carbonated or still), such as margarine, syrup, jelly, dressing, juice, cider, and alcohol-free beer
Purox® B Food/Pharma Preservative food food-grade applications such as hot pack processing, non-yeast-raised bakery products (flour tortillas, pizza, pancakes), fish, and fish products
Purox® S Grains Preservative for food and beverages (carbonated or still), such as margarine, syrup, jelly, dressing, pickles, non-standardized sauces and condiments, and juice

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