Industrial Intermediates Applications

Chemical Intermediates

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Kalama® Benzaldehyde Technical A versatile building block, providing the raw material for the production of industrial products (such benzyl and did-benzyl amines), benzyl alcohol, perfume ingredients (such as amyl, butyl, hexyl and methyl cinnamic aldehydes), and flavoring chemicals (cinnamic aldehyde and its derivatives). Almond,Cherry
Purox® B Flakes Used in Caprolactam Production & Building block in Specialty dibenzoate plasticizers.
Purox® B Liquid Used as a chemical intermediate.

Equipment Clean Out & Purge

Product Description  
K-FLEX® 850P Highly recommended plasticizer for Equipment clean put & purge applications.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Product Description  
Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC Solvent or Co-solvent in cleaning formulations.

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