Personal Care Applications

Emerald brings fragrance, flavor, and freshness to personal care and cosmetic applications. Purox® and Kalama® aroma chemicals and benzoate preservatives are globally recognized for being the highest in purity, consistency, and quality.

Benzoate Preservatives    

Kalama® and Purox® Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid, and Benzyl Alcohol are safe, effective solutions to preserve freshness in personal care products—controlling yeasts, molds, and bacteria in products up to pH 6.5—without parabens, formaldehyde donors, or irritation. Our ingredients are the highest purity available, virtually odorless and colorless, and have authorizations for use in products certified under programs such as EPA Safer Choice and Ecocert COSMOS.

Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients    

Our broad portfolio of Kalama® high purity, nature identical aroma chemicals deliver captivating appeal to fine fragrances, cosmetics, and personal care products. We are dedicated to the industry, with extensive applications expertise, dedicated technical teams and R&D facilities, and memberships in important industry associations. As global leaders in key ingredients such as Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, we are also trusted for our unmatched quality, consistency, purity, and service.

As a leading global producer of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, and related downstream products, we produce our ingredients with the end user in mind, using the highest standards for quality, purity and responsible manufacturing, such as FSSC 22000, FCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, c-GMP, USP / EP, and NF.

Fragrance Application

Product Description   Notes
3-Phenyl Propanol FCC Brings balsamic and spicy oriental notes to soaps and perfumes. Balsamic, spicy, oriental
Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Produces a jasmine-like floralness in perfumes when accompanied by more volatile fragrance. Assists in fixation of the fragrance. Fragrance for deodorants, shampoo and soaps. Jasmine, floral, cocoa
Azuril Provides long-lasting support to floral, muguet (lily), citrus, fresh air, and marine fragrances. Citrus, ozone, linen
C-10 Aldehyde An important component in perfumery providing floral and citrus effects, especially in blossom fragrances, as well as in essential oils. Orange peel, fresh floral
C-11 Aldehyde Widely used in perfumery to provide an aldehydic character, as well as waxy, floral, and somewhat fresh, warm citrus notes and floral nuances. Floral, waxy, aldehydic, citrus
C-6 Aldehyde FCC Brings fruity and slightly grassy, fatty-green odor that is reminiscent of unripe fruit at low concentrations. Used in perfumery where fruity notes are desired, such as in apple and strawberry aromas and in orange and lemon oils. Fruity
C-8 Aldehyde FCC Used in perfumery to create citrus notes, including eau de parfums and artificial citrus oils, as well as in soaps. Citrus
C-9 Aldehyde Used in many floral compositions to provide flower-wax or petal-like notes, slight lemon nuance, and an aldehydic character, as well as in citrus/rose oils. Rose, waxy-aldehyde, lemon
Cinnamic Alcohol FCC Adds spicy, oriental, hyacinth-like balsamic notes to soaps and perfumes. Valuable component in perfume compositions. Cinnamon, spicy, oriental
Cinnamic Aldehyde FCC Brings a spicy, cinnamon character to toothpastes, mouthwashes and soaps. Cinnamon, spicy, oriental
Citralis PQ Imparts a fresh, rosy-citrus-ozone character with a hint of lily of the valley to fine fragrance, soaps, and shampoos. Rose, citrus, ozone
Cyprinal Adds warm, spicy notes and a trace of floral character to personal care fragrance compositions. Blends well with woody and floral/rose notes. Warm, spicy, balsamic, floral
Cypriol Brings a tenacious, oriental odor with sweet, balsamic-floral, almond-spice, and slightly styrax notes to personal care fragrance compositions. Works well as a modifier in muguet (lily) and oriental types. Sweet, balsamic, oriental, almond-spice
Florosol Adds muguet (lily of the valley) and other floral notes, such as rose, cyclamen, and lilac, to fine fragrance and bath/hair/body care, where floral character (especially white flower notes) is enhanced. Lily of the valley, floral
Florosol A Adds lily of the valley and other floral notes such as rose, cyclamen, and lilac, plus a crisp, green, slightly aldehydic edge that is breezy/ozonic, to fine fragrance and bath/hair/ body care. Lily of the valley, floral, green
Florosol S Adds muguet (lily of the valley) and other floral notes such as rose, cyclamen, and lilac to fine fragrance and bath/hair/ body care, where floral character (especially white flower notes) are enhanced. Lily of the valley, floral
Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde Key fragrance ingredient used in numerous soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. More floral and less fatty than Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, with same general floral characteristics. Jasmine, lily, green
Kalama® Benzaldehyde FCC Used as a building block in the synthesis of fragrances like rose and jasmine, used in soaps and perfumes Almond, cherry
Laevo-Citronellol Valued for in fine quality rose fragrances and other personal care fragrances for its fresh, rosy top note. Fresh, light, rosaceous
Lilestralis® Pure Imparts freshness to floral fragrances such as lily, muguet (lily), and rose, especially for soaps. Strongly diffusive. Fresh, light, green, lily
Methyl Benzoate FCC Used as a fine fragrance base in many personal care and fine fragrance applications. Wintergreen, camphoraceous, phenolic
Ocimene PQ Gives a novel and powerful top note to citrus colognes, lavender fougères, simulated essential oils, and spicy-herbaceous and mango fragrances. Warm, floral, sweet, herbaceous
Osyrol® Delivers a high quality sandalwood character to fine fragrance, AP/DEO, creams, lotions, talcum powders, soaps, shampoos, bubble bath, and more. Sandalwood
Vetimoss® Brings a lush, vegetative character reminiscent of outdoors, forest, damp wood, or potatoes to most fragrances, including cosmetics and male toiletries. Outdoor, forest, damp wood, vegetation, potatoes


Product Description  
K-FLEX® 850P Effective & FDA approved plasticizer for hair removal/depilatory wax products.
K-FLEX® DP Highly Recommended, FDA approved plasticizer used as Viscosity control aid in wax based-hair removal products.


Product Description  
Kalama® Benzyl Alcohol NF/FCC Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care products, including mouthwashes and toothpastes.
Purox® B Food/Pharma Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care.
Purox® S Grains Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care.

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