Purox® S Grains


Purox® S has an extremely high purity, which is achieved through the use of Purox® B top quality benzoic acid, produced in the Emerald Kalama Chemical plant in the Netherlands. Its low impurity levels give Purox® S an excellent taste and odor profile, making it the right choice for the most demanding end-product requirements. In addition to its exceptional purity, Purox® S offers outstanding physical properties for consistently high performance in all your handling, production and packaging processes. Thanks to the unique shaping process, Purox® S has almost perfectly round particles with a narrow particle size distribution. The result of this tailor-made particle size distribution is an optimal combination of low dust content, high flow and excellent dissolution properties. Dust-free processing is achieved by the minimal content of small particles, and optimal dissolution performance by the absence of large particles.


Attribute Value
Production Facility Rotterdam, EU
Typical Properties
Form Grains
Color (10%(m/m) solution in water) 10 max APHA
Appearance/Color White grains, dust free
Assay 99.9min%(m/m)-on dried product
Alkalinity 0.37 max,mg HCI/g
Acidity (as benzoic acid) 0.40 max, mg NaOH/g
Chloride, as Cl-(1) <50 mg/kg
Halogenated Compounds, as Cl-(2) <25 mg/kg
Total Chlorine, as Cl- <75 mg/kg,Sum 1+2
Phthalic Acid <50 mg/kg
Application Group Application Description  
Agricultural Corrosion inhibition Useful in protecting the metal containers used for Agricultural chemical solutions
Automotive Corrosion Inhibition Corrosion inhibition for steel, zinc, copper, copper alloys, soldered joints, aluminum and aluminum alloys
Beverage Antifungal-Microbial Used as an antimicrobial agent in beverages which naturally are in the pH range below 4.5, or can be brought into the range by addition of a water soluble acidulant.
Beverage Preservation Effective preservative in carbonated and still beverages and juices.
Food Preservation Preservative for food and beverages (carbonated or still), such as margarine, syrup, jelly, dressing, pickles, non-standardized sauces and condiments, and juice
Household Care Corrosion inhibition Useful in protecting the metal containers used for Household products, Waxes, Polishes and Aerosol Products.
Paper Corrosion inhibition Used in Paper wrappers to inhibit corrosion of Tin, Steel, Chrome Plated and Galvanized Surfaces even in humid environments.
Personal Care Preservation Safe, effective, broad spectrum preservative for personal care.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Preservation Used as preservative in pharmaceutical preparations.
Plastics Polyolefin Manufacture Nucleating agents for polyolefin manufacture.

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