Cure-Rite® Vulcanization Accelerators

Emerald Polymer Additives Accelerators were developed specifically for the tire and industrial rubber product markets by our predecessor organization, BFGoodrich. Cure-rite® Vulcanization Accelerators are produced at our ISO certified Henry, IL facility. Our customers, which include all of the world's largest tire and rubber manufacturers, have relied upon our decades of quality product, timely service and exceptional value.

Product Description Physical State Heat Loss (%) Melting Point (°C) MSDS/TDS Order Sample
Cure-Rite® 18 Sulfur-donating accelerator improves compression set, reversion resistance and oxidative stability. Powder & Pellets 0.5 max. 133-141 Navigate Order Sample
Cure-Rite® 18/80 Proprietary, non-dusting, high-value blend offers excellent dispersibility in all rubber applications. Non-dusting Powder 0.5 max.   Navigate Order Sample
Cure-Rite® BBTS General purpose, non-nitrosamine generating, fast-acting accelerator for a wide variety of polymers. Pellet & Powder 0.5 max. 104-112 Navigate Order Sample
Cure-Rite® MBDS Dual function acccelerator. Acts as Sulfur-donor in zero Sulfur recipe. Longest delayed-action if used with Sulfur. Powder 0.5 max. 123-132 Navigate Order Sample
Cure-Rite® OBTS Longer delayed-action accelerator for technical vulanizates that demand scorch safety & fast cure rate. Flake 1.0 80-87 Navigate Order Sample

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