Cure-Rite® 18/80

Proprietary, non-dusting high-value blend of our Cure-Rite® 18 accelerator which offers excellent dispersibility in all rubber applications.  As such Cure-Rite® 18/80 produces short cross-links which improve the compression set, reversion-resistance and oxidative stability of the derived rubber.   Technical & economic synergy when Cure-Rite®  18; use with Cure-Rite®  BBTS & OBTS to vary length of crosslinks and vulcanizate properties


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Non-dusting Powder
Heat Loss (%) 0.5 max.
Application Group Application Description  
Rubber Conveyer Belts Produces tear & heat resistant vulcanizates in filled belting applications.
Rubber Rubber Goods Strong, durable vulcanizates produce long-wearing industrial rubber goods.
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