Cure-Rite® OBTS

Cure-Rite® OBTS is an effective and proven sulfenamide accelerator.   Consumers will benefit from longer, delayed-action vulcanization in NR, NR-BR Blend, NR-SBR Blend, particularly when fine grade Carbon Blacks are used.   OBTS is, typically, used in the range of 0.5-4.0 phr.  Compared to CBS, OBTS offers better scorch protection, cure rate and state of cure.  The long scorch delay allows OBTS to produce high value rubber with high modulus and excellent dynamic elasticity.   OBTS is well-known for the production of thick cross-section tread vulcanizates and complex precision molded, injected or extruded goods.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Flake
Melting Point (°C) 80-87
Heat Loss (%) 1.0
Ash (%) 0.15 max.
Moisture (%) 0.2 max.
Free Amine (%) 0.3 max
Application Group Application Description  
Automotive Automotive Rubber Longer delayed-action accelerator produces articles with excellent rubber properties.
Automotive Tires Accelerator with longer-delay action allows for complete cure in thick extruded treads.
Rubber Footwear Best accelerator choice for the production of rubber soles in athletic footwear.
Rubber Molded Goods Fast cure accelerator over broad process temperature range for intricately molded and injected rubber.
Rubber Rubber Goods Longer scorch delay affords classic rubber properties to extruded, molded or injected goods.
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