Good-Rite® Chemical Intermediates

Good-Rite® Chemical Intermediates feature aqueous solutions that are high in active sulfur content and light in color.  Customers will benefit from the convenience of using aqueous solutions that are conveniently stored, accurately measured and easily transferred during chemical manufacturing.   This product group must be transported and stored at high pH (>11) to ensure the benefits of optimal reactivity and maximum safety.

Product Description Content pH MSDS/TDS Order Sample
Good-Rite® NaSH Aqueous Good-RiteŽ Sodium Hydrosulfide features high actives content for paper, leather and metal processing end uses. 40.0 - 44.0% Aq. Sol'n 11+ Navigate Order Sample
Good-Rite® Sodium MBT Aqueous Good-RiteŽ NaMBT is used as a corrosion inhibitor, metal processing aid, biocide or chemical intermediate. 49.5 - 51.0% Aq. Sol'n 11+ Navigate Order Sample

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