Good-Rite® 3112 EX7

Good-Rite® 3112 EX7 is neutral pH, aqueous dispersed stabilizer for latex emulsions.   Good-Rite® 3112 EX7 is preferred for synthetic rubber latex, including but not limited to SBL, NBL and ABS latex.   Latex end users benefit from outstanding long-term thermal stability and color preservation in latex systems.   Good-Rite® 3112 EX7  is easy to handle, measure and pump.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Type Phenolic
Form Emulsion
Application Group Application Description  
Industrial Intermediates Emulsion Polymerization - Latex Processing Good-RiteŽ 3112 EX7 prevents thermo-oxidative degradation and yellowing of latex rubber
Paints & Coatings Industrial Coatings Good-RiteŽ 3112 EX7 prevents yellowing in aqueous elastomeric industrial coatings.
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