Good-Rite® 3112 LV

Good-Rite® 3112 LV is a low viscosity formulation.  3112 LV is a non-discoloring, liquid, partially hindered primary phenolic antioxidant.   Rubber end users benefit from outstanding long-term thermal stability and color preservation in diene-containing elastomers, including but not limited to NR, SBR, NBR, BR and CR.   As a liquid, Good-Rite® 3112LV is preferred by not only formulators, but also by rubber manufacturers because it is easy to handle, measure and pump.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Type Phenolic
Form Pale yellow liquid
Ash 0.5% max.
Application Group Application Description  
Industrial Intermediates Emulsion Polymerization - Latex Processing Good-RiteŽ 3112 LV easy-to-use liquid antioxidant for stabilization of Butadiene-containing latex.
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