Good-Rite® 3112 S

Good-Rite® 3112 S is a mixture of polyalkylated phenolic antioxidants on a solid support. Rubber end users benefit from outstanding long-term thermal stability and color preservation in diene-containing elastomers, including but not limited to NR, SBR, NBR, BR and CR.  

Good-Rite® 3112 S offers a range of benefits for applications such as butadiene- and isoprene-based stocks, elastomers, tires, footwear, industrial goods, caulks, adhesives, and mastics. These include superior long term thermal stability of actives vs. BHT, compatibility in silica-filled tires, no dust hazards, and easy incorporation into shear-sensitive or mineral-filled systems.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Type Phenolic
Form Pale yellow solid
Ash 0.5% max.
Application Group Application Description  
Rubber Conveyer Belts Non-staining, phenolic antioxidant for filled, non-black rubber.
Rubber Rubber Goods Highly effective, supported phenolic antioxidant. Scorch-safe, non-staining for filled rubber.
Rubber Tires Scorch-safe phenolic antioxidant with excellent compatibility in non-black, silica-filled systems.
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