Good-Rite® 3114 FFS

Good-Rite®3114 is a high purity, non-yellowing, high molecular weight, hindered phenolic antioxidant.    It is extraction resistant, essentially non-volatile and protects the polymer from degradation due to gas fading, heat, light, peroxides and mechanical shear.  3114 provides superior long-term thermal and color stability; and is effective in film, fiber and thick cross-section articles; and performs well in filled systems.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Type Phenolic
Form Soft Granular
Ash 0.005% max.
Application Group Application Description  
Plastics Film Prevents UV light & thermal degradation in agricultural films & geomembranes.
Plastics Polyolefin Manufacture Excellent synergy is demonstrated with phosphite & thiosynergist stabilizers.
Plastics Roto Molding Reliably delivers superior long-term & color protection in roto molded goods.
Plastics Wire and Cable Maintains color, electrical & polymer properties in demanding applications.
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