Good-Rite® 3131

Liquid ashless antioxidant for use in oils and greases of various types.  It may be used in industrial lubricants, including compressor, hydraulic, turbine, gas engine and circulating oils.  May be used as an ashless antioxidant in all types of crankcase oils


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Light Amber Liquid
Use Concentration % Mass 0.5 - 1.0
Nitrogen (%) 4.5 - 4.9
ASTM D445 8-12
Function Ashless, Antioxidant
Chemical Composition Mixed octylated and butylated diphenylamines
Color Light Amber
Density @15.6C MG/M3 (lb/gal) 0.98(8.2)
Viscosity @100C CST 9.9
Flash Point (PMCC)C 190
Solubility Soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant bases. Insoluble in water.
Application Group Application Description  
Lubricants Turbine Oil Low volatility for protection for light duty, high-speed turbines.
Plastics Polyurethane Foam Synergistic with phenolic antioxidants and prevents yellowing and scorch in polyurethane foam
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