Good-Rite® 3181

Superior high temperature oxidation inhibitor because of its purity and high p,p-dioctyldiphenylamine content.  Can be used in a variety of petroleum and synthetic lubricants where an ashless oxidation inhibitor with good high temperature properties are needed.  Effective in silane, siloxane, silicone, and diester fluids at concentration of 0.5 to 2.0% and temperatures of 400 to 500 F.  In lubricating greases its effective in both oxidation bomb tests and in high speed spindle tests.  Siloxane greases containing greater than 2% has given outstanding results in bearing performance tests at 350F.  Has a good color stability.  Widely used as a high temperature antioxidant in jet engine oils.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Off White powder
Use Concentration % Mass 0.5 - 2.0
Nitrogen (%) 3.1-3.7
Application Group Application Description  
Automotive Automotive Rubber Low volatility, high activity aminic antioxidant for non-black TPU
Lubricants Synthetic Lube Low volatility aminic antioxidant with performance to match needs of synthetic lubicants.
Lubricants Turbine Oil Amine antioxidant with low volatilty that reduces deposits and increases OIT.
Rubber Rubber Parts Aminic antioxidant affords long-term thermal stability and prevents embrittlement in NR, SBR, NBR, CR
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