Good-Rite® 3185

Liquid amine antioxidant with several advantages over other antioxidants of this type.  The amine group is  hindered by oil-soluble alkyl groups which contribute to antioxidant efficiency by reducing some of the undesirable properties of other amines.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Amber Liquid
Use Concentration % Mass 0.25 - 1.5
Nitrogen (%) 2.8-3.5
ASTM D445 12-18
Chemical Composition Alkylated diphenylamines
Color Brown
Density @15.6C MG/M3 (lb/gal) 0.94(7.8)
Viscosity @100C CST 15
Flash Point (PMCC)C 213(COC)
Solubility Soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant bases. Insoluble in water.
Application Group Application Description  
Lubricants Grease Amine antioxidant is an excellent thermo-oxidative stabilizer with low washout characteristics.
Lubricants Industrial Lubricants Amine antioxidant with excellent performance in magneto-rheological fluids.
Lubricants Turbine Oil Aminic antioxidant with long-term thermal stability and very low washout for all turbine applications.
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