Good-Rite® 3190

General purpose antioxidant for industrial lubricants including compressor, hydraulic, turbine, gas engine and circulating oils.  One of the most versatile amine antioxidants available for use in petroleum products.  Used in grease of all types.  Effective in both static and dynamic oxidation tests.    An outstanding oxidation inhibitor in solvent-refined oils that are high viscosity improvers.  A good ashless antioxidant for use in automotive, diesel and aviation crankcase oils.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Physical State Reddish Brown Liquid
Use Concentration % Mass 0.25 - 1.5
Nitrogen (%) 4.0-4.5
ASTM D445 12-18
Application Group Application Description  
Lubricants Engine Oil General purpose aminic antioxidant with good therm-oxidative stabilization for PCMO
Lubricants Gear Oil General purpose aminic antioxidant use in gear oil and ATF
Lubricants Industrial Lubricants General purpose aminic antioxiant with good thermo-oxidative stabilization, especially well suited for industrial applications
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