Good-Rite® Resin D

Good-Rite® Resin D is an active and cost effective general purpose antioxidant.  Its polymeric nature reduces its volatility and accounts for the excellent long term thermal-oxidative protection it provides to rubber, latex and other unsaturated polymers.  Good-Rite® Resin D  is used in tires (tread, sidewall, carcass compounds) and industrial rubber applications (conveyer belts, hoses and mechanical goods).  Good-Rite® Resin D is a high molecular weight, non-blooming antioxidant with low volatility and low extractibility; it improves flex life and tack in green rubber.  Good-Rite® Resin D demonstrates outstanding performance in both sulfur- and peroxide-based cures. 


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Type Aminic
Form Pastille, Powder
Ash 0.25% max.
Application Group Application Description  
Aerospace Tires Good-Rite® Resin D provides long-term thermal protection to meet aviation tire demands
Automotive Automotive Rubber Good-Rite® Resin D provides thermo-oxidative protection to interiro (mats) and exterior (seals, wipers, etc.) parts
Automotive Under-the-Hood Good-Rite® Resin D protects rubber hoses, belts, seals, etc. from heat exposure.
Composites Industrial Composites Good-Rite® Resin D protects diene-containing elastomers from thermal and oxidative degradation.
Construction Flooring Good-Rite® Resin D maintains appearance and properties of rubber for flooring, tile and mat.
Industrial Intermediates Conveyer Belts Good-Rite® Resin D is an excellent long-term thermal stabilizer in SBR and NBR belting.
Industrial Intermediates Emulsion Polymerization - Latex Processing Good-Rite® Resin D emulsions provide cost effective stabilization of carbon black filled latex.
Rubber Molded Goods Good-Rite® Resin D is a cost effective stabilizer for non-food industrial or residential molded goods.
Rubber Rubber Goods
Rubber Tires Good-Rite® Resin D protects rubber for use in industrial, agricultural, lawn & garden and ATV/UTV tires.
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