Good-Rite® Sodium MBT

Aqueous Good-Rite® NaMBT is used as a corrosion inhibitor in non-ferrous mixed metal systems, including Copper, Aluminum, Brass, etc .  Good-Rite® NaMBT has stong binding affinity and improves isolation and recovery of valuable metals in Mining and Metal Processing (electronics or plating) industries.  Additionally, Good-Rite® NaMBT  may be used directly as a biocide or in the production of commercial biocides; and is a slimicide under 21 CFR 121.2505.   


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Content 49.5 - 51.0% Aq. Sol'n
pH 11+
Specific Gravity 1.245-1.265
Application Group Application Description  
Automotive Corrosion Inhibition Good-RiteŽ Sodium MBT prevents corrosion in automobile radiator coolant/antifreeze fluid.
Industrial Intermediates Corrosion inhibitor Good-RiteŽ Sodium MBT is used as a corrosion inhibitor in industrial coolant systems.
Mining Metal Separation Good-RiteŽ Sodium MBT facilitates separation of Copper from ore in mining.
Paper Specialty Paper Good-RiteŽ Sodium MBT is a paperboard slimicide under 21 CFR 121.2505
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