Rubber Applications

Conveyer Belts

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® 18/80 Produces tear & heat resistant vulcanizates in filled belting applications.
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator is synergistic with Cure-rite 18 for superior strength industrial belts.
Good-Rite® 3112 S Non-staining, phenolic antioxidant for filled, non-black rubber.


Product Description  
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator enables good stretch and rebound in the production of rubber soles.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Best accelerator choice for the production of rubber soles in athletic footwear.
Good-Rite® 3112 3112 is a liquid non-discoloring antioxidant for white, mineral-filled rubber soles.

Molded Goods

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® BBTS Accelerator, non-nitrosamine type, with excellent scorch prevention for molded rubber articles.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Fast cure accelerator over broad process temperature range for intricately molded and injected rubber.
Good-Rite® 3112 3112 is a liquid antioxidant which provides superior solubility and flow for molded goods

Rubber Goods

Product Description  
Cure-Rite® 18/80 Strong, durable vulcanizates produce long-wearing industrial rubber goods.
Cure-Rite® BBTS Non-nitrosamine, accelerator used in auto, industrial and household rubber goods.
Cure-Rite® OBTS Longer scorch delay affords classic rubber properties to extruded, molded or injected goods.
Good-Rite® 3112 S Highly effective, supported phenolic antioxidant. Scorch-safe, non-staining for filled rubber.

Rubber Parts

Product Description  
Good-Rite® 3181 Aminic antioxidant affords long-term thermal stability and prevents embrittlement in NR, SBR, NBR, CR


Product Description  
Good-Rite® 3112 S Scorch-safe phenolic antioxidant with excellent compatibility in non-black, silica-filled systems.

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