Nychem® Poly4000

Nychem® Poly4000 latex is a specialized waterborne, polybutadiene homopolymer and the softest Nychem polymer offering. It is commonly used as an impact modifier for engineered thermoplastics, acting similar to a shock absorber when used in the matrix of a more brittle polymer, diffusing stresses that can lead to cracking and failure. Nychem® Poly4000 may also be used to form a butadiene rubber core in a core shell polymer for thermoplastic elastomers, impact resistant plastics, hydrogels and other high-impact end uses. Nychem® Poly4000 is also suitable for use in transparent materials and can enhance low-temperature performance in applications such as specialty adhesives.


Attribute Value
Solids(%) 44.0 - 46.0
pH 8.0 - 9.0
Viscosity(cP) 300 max.
Typical Properties
Tg(C) -82
Weight per Gallon (lb/gal) 8.3
Application Group Application Description  
Adhesives Adhesives Polybutadiene homopolymer for specialty adhesives applications
Plastics Exterior Plastic Polybutadiene homopolymer suitable for high impact applications
Plastics Wire and Cable Polybutadiene homopolymer suitable for high impact applications
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