Nychem® 1561X98

Nychem™1561x98 is one of our High Nitrile Emulsion offerings.  This line features a combination of excellent oil, grease and hydrocarbon resistance, toughness/resilience, and tear and abrasion resistance.  Toughness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance can be further enhanced though either vulcanization or by adding external crosslinking agents such as melamines, epoxies, phenolics or metal complexes.  Nychem™ 1561x98 is a noncarboxylated butadiene acrylonitrile copolymer latex that is stabilized with natural surfactants so it exhibits excellent water and alkali resistance and, if desired, can be easily destabilized.  Its small particle size promotes fast drying and fast penetration.  Common application is gasketing.


Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Tg(C) -20
Emulsifier Type Rosin acid
Weight per Gallon (lb/gal) 8.3
Solids(%) 39.0-41.0
pH 10.0-11.0
Viscosity(cP) 25 max.
Application Group Application Description  
Automotive Gasketing Nychem™ 1561x98 is a non-carboxylated high nitrile latex that can be used as a binder for beater addition fiber based gasket material. It is a higher Mooney version of 1561x87. It can enhance fluid resistance and aid in compression properties.
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